Enhancing Packing Efficiency with MRDVS Solution’s TOF Camera Technology

Efficient use of space is critical for optimizing operational efficiencies in various industries. A prime example is packing parcels for shipment. As items are placed into corrugated boxes or shipping containers, additional materials like packing peanuts, molded pulp chips, or other fillers are added to minimize empty space and protect items from damage during transport.

The objective is to use the optimal amount of packing material. Too little increases the risk of items shifting and becoming damaged. Too much wastes resources, which can quickly add up for organizations shipping large volumes regularly. Moreover, manually operating fill-material dispensers is labor-intensive and prone to errors.

The MRDVS Volume Measurement Solution

MRDVS’s volume measurement system utilizes the TOF camera technology and image processing to determine the exact volume of a box. This system integrates seamlessly with the packing line, ensuring that each box is filled with the precise amount of material needed.

Key Advantages of the MRDVS System

1. Cost-Effective and Efficient: The MRDVS system employs a combination of TOF camera technology and advanced algorithms to measure box volume accurately and swiftly. This approach is more cost-effective compared to other 3D scanning technologies, such as fringe pattern projection and 3D laser displacement sensors, as it does not require a motion axis for scanning the box.

2. Real-Time Volume Measurement: The system operates at high speeds, providing real-time volume measurements as the box is filled with packing material. This continuous monitoring ensures optimal fill levels, reducing material waste and labor costs.

3. High Accuracy and Reliability: While the TOF camera may not offer the highest resolution compared to other 3D technologies, it delivers sufficient accuracy for real-time volume measurement applications. The MRDVS system can determine box volume within one cubic centimeter, meeting the needs of most packaging operations.

How It Works

During the initial setup, the operator places a closed box under the scanner. The system measures the box’s height and probes its edges to determine its position, then calculates the interior volume. Once configured, the system can automatically recognize boxes regardless of their orientation.

As items or packing material are added to the box, the system continuously measures the remaining volume and communicates real-time results via Ethernet to the machine controller or host computer. When the box reaches the optimal fill level, the system signals the dispenser to stop.

Benefits of the MRDVS Volume Measurement System

1. Reduced Labor Costs: By automating the fill-material dispensing process, the MRDVS system significantly reduces the need for manual labor, allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks.

2. Minimized Material Waste: Accurate volume measurements ensure that just the right amount of packing material is used, reducing waste and saving costs on materials.

3. Enhanced Product Protection: Optimal packing minimizes the risk of product damage during transport, reducing the likelihood of returns and protecting brand reputation.

4. Improved Operational Efficiency: The system’s real-time monitoring and automated control streamline the packing process, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, the MRDVS volume measurement solution offers a sophisticated, efficient, and cost-effective way to optimize packing processes. By integrating advanced TOF camera technology into the packing line, businesses can achieve significant savings on labor and materials while ensuring their products are well-protected during transport.

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