A cutting-edge TOF camera designed to tackle challenges in varying lighting conditions and object textures

Learn how an AI-driven RGB-D camera offers comprehensive monitoring and analysis

Sony IMX570 Sensor
Global Shutter RGB
IP67 Enclosure
RK3588 integrated
6.0Tops processing capability
108° x 82° wide FOV
RK3588 integrated
6.0Tops capability

Explore Our M Series 3D ToF Camera Models

ModelParameter 1Parameter 2Parameter 3Parameter 4Parameter 5
M4 Pro     
M4 Pro W     
M4 Lite     
M4 Mega     

Input the Distance from the camera to the object

You Will Get the Coverage Area

Input the Distance from the camera to the object

High-Speed, Accurate Depth Sensing

The MRDVS M-Series, featuring ToF camera technology, is designed to address the challenges posed by various lighting conditions, object texture, and the requirement for real-time object detection. This robust camera series is particularly effective in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is optimized for target working distances of up to 5 meters. The M-Series 3D camera distinguishes itself with its compact design and efficient performance, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications where these factors are critical.

High Precision

Real-time Imaging

HDR Function

Daylight Robustness

Expansive Coverage​

Enhanced RGB-D Fusion

2D and 3D images

Precise 3D Imaging

The M-Series camera delivers comprehensive data in a single shot, offering both 2D and 3D information, including distance information, intensity, and confidence maps. Equipped with integrated VCSEL diodes and a time-of-flight-optimized lens, it ensures precise optical measurements by analyzing the phase shift of reflected light. This high-resolution 3D camera excels in vision systems that require accurate depth sensing, making it ideal for various conditions.

Real-time Streamlined Imaging

Capable of achieving up to 15-25 frames per second, the M-Series ToF Camera depth sensor is indispensable in high-speed scenarios where imaging speed is crucial. Whether swiftly detecting packages on a conveyor belt or seamlessly identifying the position, size, and gripping points of objects in robotic applications, this system ensures real-time precision. The hardware trigger function synchronizes image acquisitions with precision, facilitating instantaneous processing. Its ability to measure the distances accurately makes it a reliable choice for real-time applications.


HDR Function

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) function addresses the challenges of high-contrast environments with both strongly and weakly reflective elements. This standout feature captures both very bright and very dark objects concurrently, yielding a meticulous camera in 3D imaging point cloud for accurate representation of object details regardless of distance and reflectance.

Daylight Robustness

The M-Series camera excels in daylight conditions, thanks to its integration with 940 nm wavelength illumination. Operating optimally in varying lighting conditions, this advanced 3D camera relies solely on its light for distance measurement, ensuring high-resolution and accurate depth data under various ambient light scenarios.

extensive coverage

Expansive Measurement Coverage

The M series boasts an extensive field of view (maximum 110° x 90°), enabling the capture of depth data for large objects and entire scenes in a single frame. This broad perspective enhances its capability to support volumetric measurements and facilitates palletizing tasks within logistics and production environments.

Enhanced RGB-D Fusion

Integrating RGB depth camera data with ToF 3D data, the RGB-D ToF cameras enhance precision in object identification for pattern recognition or detection algorithms. The high-resolution RGB module ensures optimal color density, effectively complementing depth pixels and delivering outstanding color reproduction with precision and accuracy. This fusion technology provides high-resolution 3D images critical for detailed analysis in machine vision systems.

tof camera

Difference between Models

Model M4 Mega M4 Pro M4 Pro Wfov
Illumination 940 nm VCSEL 940 nm VCSEL 940 nm VCSEL
Output Depth & RGB & Amplitude Map Depth & RGB & Amplitude Map Depth & RGB & Amplitude Map
Depth Resolution (H x V) / Frame Rate 640 × 480 px @ Max. 25 fps 640 × 480 px @ Max. 15 fps 640 × 480 px @ Max. 15 fps
Depth FoV (H x V) 81° × 61° 81° × 61° 108° × 82°
RGB Resolution (H x V) / Frame Rate 1280 px × 960 px @ Max. 25 FPS 1920 px × 1080 px @ 15 FPS 1920 px × 1080 px @ Max. 15 FPS
RGB FoV (H x V) 86° × 55° 88° × 56° 120° × 80°
RGB Shutter Type Global Shutter Rolling Shutter Rolling Shutter
Working Range 0.2 m ~ 5 m 0.3 m ~ 5 m 0.3 m ~ 3 m
Accuracy ±3 mm + 0.25% × depth ±4 mm + 0.25% × depth ±5 mm + 0.25% × depth
Power Consumption 6.8 W @ 24 V DC 8.7 W @ 24 V DC 9.2 W @ 24 V DC
Dimension (L × W × H) 92 mm × 47 mm × 51 mm 95 mm × 80 mm × 41 mm 95 mm × 80 mm × 41 mm
Weight (g) 449 g 428 g 428 g
Power Supply 24 V DC / 2 A 24 V DC / 3 A 24 V DC / 3 A
Communication Interface Gigabit Ethernet / CAN Gigabit Ethernet / RS485 Gigabit Ethernet / RS485
Enclosure Rating IP67 IP50 IP50
Work Temperature -20 °C ~ 60 °C -20 °C ~ 60 °C -20 °C ~ 60 °C
Storage Temperature -25 °C ~ 85 °C -25 °C ~ 85 °C -25 °C ~ 85 °C
Programming Language C / C++ C / C++ C / C++
Third Party Support ROS / ROS2 ROS / ROS2 ROS / ROS2
Operating System ARM Linux (AArch64)
Linux (x86_64)
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
ARM Linux (AArch64)
Linux (x86_64)
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
ARM Linux (AArch64)
Linux (x86_64)
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Output Sample

Point Cloud

Point Cloud



Product Archive M Series




A Glance at MRDVS LxCamera SDK

Easy 3D Controls

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LxCamera SDK is a C/C++ software development package.  Compatible with Windows, Linux, and ARM-Linux ROS operating systems, LxCamera SDK provides developers with a variety of user-friendly APIs and straightforward example programs.

Ready-in-use solutions

Pallet Recognition
MRDVS leverages the M series for seamless pallet recognition, ensuring continuous identification without vehicle halts and improving warehouse logistics efficiency.
Storage Cage Docking

MRDVS upgrades AGVs with RGB-D M series for precise mesh cage pallet handling and stacking, ensuring flawless accuracy in pick-and-place operations.

Box/Burlap Sack Palletizing

MRDVS revolutionizes warehouse operations with the RGB-D TOF camera M series, ensuring rapid and precise Box/Burlap Sack Palletizing for optimized efficiency and safety.

3D Volume Measurement

MRDVS provides efficient volume measurement using advanced 3D algorithms for precise 3D models. It captures multiple objects’ data simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.

Storage location Detection

MRDVS uses advanced 3D vision and AI with ToF camera M series for precise warehouse monitoring, identifying goods presence, placement, and abnormal occupancy to streamline management.

Case Handling From the Container

MRDVS 3D Vision AutoGrip automates container material handling with robotic arms, revolutionizing efficiency in logistics and manufacturing operations.

Examples of colored point clouds

object recognition

Toys in a basket

3D object reconition

Fruits in plastic box

object recognition

Snacks on a table

3d object recognition

Bottles in a basket

object recognition

Boxes on a table

3D object recognition

A plant on a table

More about the M Series

MRDVS’s M series ToF cameras are widely deployed in industrial and robotics settings, offering crucial depth sensing capabilities. They facilitate machine vision for robots, enhance object recognition, optimize navigation, and contribute to intrusion detection.

All M Series Models

The M4 Mega is an IP67-rated RGB-D camera equipped with a SONY CW iToF sensor. It delivers VGA resolution at 25fps for depth.

The M4 Pro, an RGB-D camera, incorporates a robust ARM algorithm platform with an 8-core processor for better integration of application algorithms.

The M4 Pro Wfov, an RGB-D camera, distinguishes itself with its wide field of view, H-108° and V-82°, providing thorough coverage.

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