3D Obstacle Avoidance


What is 3D Obstacle Avoidance

Ceiling-Vision SLAM

3D obstacle avoidance is crucial for enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of mobile robots in dynamic settings such as logistics centers and healthcare facilities. Unlike traditional 2D LIDAR solutions, which can struggle with the differentiation of object heights, 3D vision systems excel in preventing collisions and ensuring continuous operation. These advanced systems intelligently distinguish between temporary and permanent obstacles, reducing the need for costly interventions and minimizing safety hazards. 


Why choose MRDVS 3D obstacle avoidance esolution?

Advanced Obstacle Detection

Seamless Integration

Multi-Robot Coordination


Push beyond the boundaries

 MRDVS CV-SLAM2D LiDAR Feature Based2D LiDAR Reflector Based
Infrastructure free
Fast changing environments
Public and crowded spaces
Large halls
Long corridors
Both in- and outdoor usage

Covered      Sometimes Covered     Not Included

Watch Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
in Action!


Sensor For Obstacle Avoidance

RGB-D Camera

640 x 480 pixels depth data

Multi-camera Enabled

Special algorithm and photonic devices integrated

High Frame Rate

Up to 15 frames per second

Seamless Integration

Ethernet and I/O interfaces supported

Light Robustness

940nm laser to maximize SNR

5 Meters Working Range

Effective up to 5 meters

S2 Max - big
3d obstacle avoidance
Mount, Aware, and Go

Discover 3D Obstacle Avoidance Solution Today!

Evaluate the MRDVS Obstacle Avoidance Solution and experience the distinct advantages of our AI-driven collision prevention technology firsthand. 

Install and test MRDVS Obstacle Avoidance Solution in less than 1 hour!

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