Packaging Recognition for Palletizing Robot


What is Palletizing Robot?

Palletizing Robot

A palletizing robot is an automated machine designed to stack and organize products onto pallets efficiently and accurately. These robots are essential in modern warehouses and manufacturing facilities, where they handle repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labor.

Palletizing robots, equipped with advanced RGB-D camera technology, capture both color and depth information to enable precise identification and categorization of packages. This technology allows for accurate 3D data collection, ensuring robots can recognize various packaging types and orientations.

Palletizing Robot

Box Palletizing/Depalletizng

Palletizing Robot

Burlap Sack Pallertizing/Depalletizing

Palletizing Robot


3D point cloud in false colors

3D point cloud in false colors

3D point cloud in false colors


Why choose MRDVS packaging units recognition solution?

Advanced Depth Sensing

Expansive Surveillance Capability

AI-Driven Object Segmentation

Case Handling From the Container

Push beyond the boundaries

 MRDVS CV-SLAM2D LiDAR Feature Based2D LiDAR Reflector Based
Infrastructure free
Fast changing environments
Public and crowded spaces
Large halls
Long corridors
Both in- and outdoor usage

Covered      Sometimes Covered     Not Included

Watch Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
in Action!


Sensors For Palletizing Robot

RGB-D Camera

640 x 480 pixels depth data


Recognization algorithm inside

High Frame Rate

Up to 15 frames per second

Wide Field of View

Max. 110°(H) x 90°(V)

Light Robustness

Works in ambient light or darkness

5 Meters Working Rang

Effective up to 5 meters

M4 Pro
Palletizing Robot
Mount, Recognize, and Go

Discover innovative Packaging Recognition Solution for Palletizing Robot today!

Evaluate the MRDVS Packaging RecognitionSolution and experience the distinct advantages of our AI-driven technology firsthand. 

The Evaluation Kit uses a up-facing camera setup – fixed on a rigid frame and factory calibrated. This makes the installation easy and fast, even if you are unfamiliar with Visual SLAM.

Install and test MRDVS CV Slam in less than 1 hour!

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