What is AGV Material Handling?

Pallet Detection

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) material handling involves using automated vehicles to transport materials within warehouses or manufacturing facilities. 

Object identification for AGV forklifts, including specialized pallet and mesh cage recognition, transforms warehouse operations by automating the accurate identification and movement of diverse goods. This technology boosts efficiency, minimizes errors, and enhances safety through precise handling. Equipped with advanced sensors and AI, AGV forklifts navigate complex spaces, adapting to different loads with high accuracy, thereby enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless operations in logistics and manufacturing sectors.

Use Cases and Point Cloud Samples

Automated Pallet Identification

Automated Pallet Identification

Automated Mesh Cage Identification

Automated Mesh Cage Identification

point cloud

3D point cloud in false colors

Mesh Cage

3D point cloud in false colors


Why choose MRDVS AGV material handling solution?

Precision 3D Vision Docking

Versatile Lighting Adaptability​

Compatibility Deployed

Play Video about AMR Visual Guided Solution
Vision Systems at Work

Vision-Enhanced Lanxin Robotics in Action


Sensor For AGV material handling

RGB-D Camera

640 x 480 pixels depth data


3D-vision-based recognition algorithm integrated

Versatile Interfaces

Communication via Ethernet or CAN

Wide Field of View

Max. 110°(H) x 90°(V)

Light Robustness

Works in ambient light or darkness

5 Meters Working Rang

Effective up to 5 meters

M4 Pro Wfov wide fov
Input the Distance from the camera to the object
Mount, Recognize, and Go

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