Structured Light Camera and H-Series Dock Camera

State-of-the-Art RGB-D Structured Light Industrial Camera

Input the Distance from the camera to the object

You Will Get the Coverage Area

Input the Distance from the camera to the object
Model H3310
Working Principle Binocular Encoded Structured Light Technology
Output Depth & RGB & Amplitude Map
Depth Resolution (H x V) 1280*1024
RGB Resolution (H x V) 1920×1080
Data Capture Time Approximately 0.8s
Output Depth & RGB & Amplitude Map
Working Range 300mm~600mm
FoV (H x V) 55° x 45°
Accuracy ±0.1mm at 350mm
Power Consumption 8W @ 24VDC
Dimension (L x W x H) 124mm×70mm×53mm
Weight(g) 400g
Power Supply 12-24VDC / 2A
Data Communication Gigabit Ethernet
Enclosure rating IP55
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Programming Language C / C++
Third Party Support ROS / ROS2
Cooling Method Passive Cooling
Eye Safety Class 3R
Sunlight Interference Resistance 30Klux
Operating System ARM Linux(AArch64)
Windows 7/8/10/11


3D Obstacle Avoidance

Seamless Integration, Unleashed Power

The HS3310 boasts a computing power of up to 6.0 TOPS, enabling high-performance operations without the need for an external CPU.

High-Precision 3D Data

The camera achieves unparalleled accuracy through the use of 3D structured-light technology combined with advanced AI algorithms, providing precise 3D imaging for various applications.

object recognition
Palletizing Robot

Compact Design, Open Interface

With a weight of only 400 grams, the HS3310 features a compact design that doesn’t compromise on quality. It comes with an open interface, ensuring effortless integration into existing systems.

A Glance at MRDVS LxCamera SDK

Easy 3D Controls

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LxCamera SDK is a C/C++ software development package.  Compatible with Windows, Linux, and ARM-Linux ROS operating systems, LxCamera SDK provides developers with a variety of user-friendly APIs and straightforward example programs and discover RGB-D camera price.

More Use Cases

MRDVS’s M series ToF cameras are widely deployed in industrial and robotics settings, offering crucial depth sensing capabilities. They facilitate machine vision for robots, enhance object recognition, optimize navigation, and contribute to intrusion detection.

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