Slotting In Warehouse


What is Slotting In Warehouse?

slotting in warehouse

Slotting in warehouse management refers to the strategic placement of inventory within a warehouse to optimize space utilization, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce idle time. Warehouse slotting involves strategically placing items such as pallets, goods, and boxes in specific locations based on size, weight, and frequency of use. By integrating slotting, the warehouse can enhance operational efficiency, reduce idle time, and improve overall workflow.

The MRDVS Warehouse Slotting Solution, leveraging advanced 3D camera and AI technology, revolutionizes this process. It uses time-of-flight 3D cameras to detect slot occupancy with high precision, even in varying lighting conditions, enabling AGVs to perform tasks faster and more accurately. Integrating seamlessly with Warehouse Management Systems, it provides real-time updates and comprehensive data analysis to enhance slotting strategies, improve space utilization, and ensure efficient warehouse operations.


Why choose MRDVS Warehouse Slotting Solution?

Advanced Slot Occupancy Detection

Intelligent Analysis and Monitoring

Real-Time Performance Enhancement

Warehouse slotting

Push beyond the boundaries

 MRDVS CV-SLAM2D LiDAR Feature Based2D LiDAR Reflector Based
Infrastructure free
Fast changing environments
Public and crowded spaces
Large halls
Long corridors
Both in- and outdoor usage

Covered      Sometimes Covered     Not Included

Watch Warehouse Slotting Solution


Sensor For CV SLAM Solution


Algorithm inside

Wide Field of View

Max. 110°(H) x 90°(V)

Light Robustness

Works in ambient light or darkness

5 Meters Working Rang

Effective up to 5 meters

S2 Max - big
warehouse slotting
Mount, Communicate, and Go

Discover innovative Warehouse Slotting Solution today!

Evaluate the MRDVS Warehouse Slotting Solution and experience the distinct advantages of our AI-driven Visual Slotting technology firsthand. 

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