Slotting In Warehouse


What is Slotting In Warehouse?

slotting in warehouse

Warehouse slotting involves placing items such as pallets, goods, and boxes in specific locations based on size, weight, and frequency of use. By strategically placing inventory within a warehouse, space utilization is optimized, operational efficiency is enhanced, and idle time is reduced. Effective warehouse layout, slot occupation monitoring, and communication with WMS are key to this process. On this page, we will discuss strategic slotting for pallets by monitoring slot situations to optimize AGV paths for efficient picking and placing operations.


Why choose MRDVS Warehouse Slotting Solution

Advanced Slot Occupancy Detection

Intelligent Analysis and Monitoring

Real-Time Updates

Slotting in Warehouse
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How to Optimize Warehouse Efficiency

MRDVS warehouse slotting solution, integrated with a Warehouse Management System (WMS), optimizes the picking process for full pallets. By strategically placing inventory, it significantly reduces travel time, enhancing order fulfillment and order picking efficiency. This ensures proper slotting within the warehouse or distribution center, maximizing warehouse space and productivity. Watch the demo to see how MRDVS solution streamlines operations, making the entire process less time-consuming and significantly improving overall efficiency.

Time to Revolutionize Your Warehouse


Sensor For Warehouse Slotting


Warehouse Slotting Algorithm Deployed

Wide Field of View

Max. 110°(H) x 90°(V)

Light Robustness

Works in ambient light or darkness

5 Meters Working Rang

Effective up to 5 meters

M4 Pro Wfov wide fov
warehouse slotting
Mount, Communicate, and Go

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Evaluate the MRDVS Warehouse Slotting Solution and experience the distinct advantages of our AI-driven Visual Slotting technology firsthand. By leveraging our innovative solution, you can simplify your inventory management process, eliminate wasted space, optimize your warehouse operations, and increase productivity.

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