MRDVS Unveils Multi-Modal Obstacle Avoidance Camera S2 for Mobile Robots

MRDVS has introduced the S2, an industrial-grade multi-modal camera designed specifically for obstacle avoidance applications in mobile robots. Leveraging distance and texture information to identify and classify obstacles using AI algorithms, the S2 enhances the accuracy of obstacle avoidance for mobile robots.

S2 Multi-Modal Obstacle Avoidance Camera:

Compact and Lightweight:

  • The S2 is designed with a compact form factor, weighing only 120g, making it suitable for installation on various types of mobile robots for obstacle avoidance applications.

Ultra-Wide Field of View:

  • With optional field of view angles of 90°x70° and 120°x30°, the camera can sensitively detect obstacles within a 3D range.

Consistent Clarity in Changing Environments:

  • Equipped with a 940nm light source, the camera operates normally even in intense lighting conditions of up to 100K lux, making it versatile across different application environments.

Stable and Reliable Ethernet Transmission:

  • The camera employs Ethernet transmission, eliminating USB interface disconnection issues.
  • Long transmission distances provide installation flexibility without limitations.

S2 Obstacle Avoidance Capability Upgrades:

Comprehensive Protection, Universal Compatibility:

  • Tailored for mobile robots, the S2 is compatible with various AGV/AMR models.

3D Vision for Enhanced Safety:

  • Capable of detecting obstacles within a 3D range, effectively      improving the safety performance of mobile robots.

AI Decision-Making for Increased Intelligence:

  • Semantic Recognition: Intelligent identification of people and objects, categorizing information to form obstacle avoidance strategies.
  • Target Tracking: Tracking dynamic obstacles to anticipate potential risks.

As a 3D vision expert for mobile robots, MRDVS is committed to meeting customer demands through the integration of 3D vision and AI algorithms, empowering mobile robots. From October 24th to 27th, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, we look forward to meeting you at CeMAT Asia Logistics Exhibition, unlocking the “New Vision” of intelligent logistics in 3D.

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