Innovative Ceiling Vision SLAM

The V1 Pro – a cutting-edge addition to our lineup. Designed for ceiling vision SLAM, the V1 Pro challenges norms with its up-facing camera, tracking movement with respect to the ceiling, representing a static and invariant space. The V1 Pro continues MRDVS’s commitment to innovation in mobile robot vision systems.

IMU integrated

6.0 Tops processor

6~12meters range

Depth in Motion

IMU Integrated for Superior Reliability

The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) serves to detect movements and rotations in six degrees of
freedom (6DoF). Comprising a range of sensors and gyroscopes, the IMU can identify rotation and
movement across three axes—pitch, yaw, and roll. Incorporating the IMU into the V1 Pro
enhances the system’s depth awareness when the camera is in motion. This feature enables
rudimentary SLAM and improves the AGV’s environmental awareness in various scenarios.

6.0 Tops Processor Integrated

Featuring an integrated System on Chip (SOC) with a computational power of up to 6.0 Tops, the V1 Pro eliminates the need for external industrial computers for navigation algorithms. This addresses the challenges of cumbersome wiring deployment during camera installation.

Dual Network Ports

Equipped with dual network ports, the V1 Pro supports direct connections to LiDAR and AGV without requiring additional network resources. This integration significantly enhances device usability.

Software Advancements

The V1 Pro’s software introduces key features, including SDK, API, and ROS topics, catering to diverse developer preferences with a user-friendly interface.
The addition of an automatic mapping function in the upper-level software enhances implementation efficiency, offering features like map management, offline simulation, log
management, and real-time display. Tasks like map switching, downloading, or uploading can now be accomplished with a single click, positioning the V1 Pro at the forefront of efficiency in robotic navigation.

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More about the MRDVS ToF camera

ToF sensors and cameras find widespread application in industrial and robotics settings, offering crucial depth sensing capabilities. They contribute to machine vision for pick-and-place robots, aid in object recognition on assembly lines, facilitate object classification for robotics, enhance navigation for mobile robots, and assist in intrusion detection within industrial environments. In logistics, ToF cameras play a vital role in guiding automated forklifts and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), ensuring collision prevention for robots and automated equipment, and contributing to tasks such as package dimensioning, palletizing, and inventory management on packaging lines. Furthermore, ToF sensors are integrated into the automotive industry and agricultural vehicles for tasks like operator identification, access control, behavior analytics, attention tracking for self-driving vehicles, gesture recognition, and passenger surveillance. The retail automation sector benefits from ToF cameras, employing them for behavior analytics, object counting, people tracking and localization, flow analysis, and seamless checkout system functionality.

V Series Time of Flight Models

V1 Pro

The M4 Pro is a powerful 3D industrial camera that not only delivers high-performance RGBD data in the range of 0.3m to 5m but also incorporates a robust ARM algorithm platform with an 8-core processor. It can execute vision SLAM, vision-guided docking, and other application algorithms without the need for an external CPU, empowering mobile robots with 3D vision capabilities.

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